Emergency disaster fire relief containers

3 years ago we were invited to design and build emergency disaster fire relief accommodation from shipping containers that will withstand heat in excess of 700 degrees centigrade. We looked at the shipping container and with some internal and external design magic! we were able to design and build "Emergency disaster fire relief" accommodation. We had to ensure whatever was used to insulate the container internally and externally would be capable of withstanding very high temperatures, and if personal possessions were left inside they would be intact after the passing bush fire was extinguished.

"The Emergency Disaster Fire relief container was born"

Future Projects


Container Home Office A new "green" home office project. all materials used will be recycled wood, stone, composites and solar power.


Strakx Container Office Within 2 years we hope to have built a new office, gallery and home complex on a 5000 sq metre piece of land.