About Strakx Designed Container Homes and Offices

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Emergency, disaster, fire relief, mining, oil and gas container accommodation units, with a slight design our containers become high end luxury homes, offices or warehouses with custom designed and manufactured interior and exterior furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Almost 3 years ago we were invited to design and build a form of emergency container accommodation that could withstand heat of more than 700 degrees centigrade? We looked the possibility of using the humble shipping container and with some internal and external design magic maybe we could design and build emergency, disaster or fire relief container accommodation units (which is not a new idea)from new or second hand shipping containers, whilst at the same time (clients request) ensure whatever was used internally and externally to insulate the walls and ceiling would be capable of withstanding very high temperatures in the event that if personal items were left inside when the unit was evacuated and doors and windows locked (all doors and windows had secure shutters) could be saved after the fire had moved through or was extinguished.

To that end we spent a lot of time and energy in developing emergency container accommodation that could be used in any disaster relief areas as a form family support accommodation (Tsunamis bush fires, eruptions, earthquake areas) or for mining and land based oil and gas installation on site container accommodation units. Or even as a second home by the lake.